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The history of the bakery Riccadonna has very distant origins, in fact it began back in 1905 where the founder Riccadonna Giuseppe (grandfather of Silvio) laid the first stone. Later the bakery passed into the hands of Gioacchino Riccadonna and then passed into the hands of his son Silvio Riccadonna who continued the business with a lot of love and dedication.

A Long History

Currently the company is in the hands of the brothers Amedeo and Onorio Riccadonna who have settled in the new factory of Rango. In 2005 our Bakery received an important recognition from the Chamber of Commerce of Trento, the historic Italian company brand.

To commemorate this important milestone, in December 2017 112 years of activity were celebrated with a special philatelic cancellation.

During 2018 we decided to take action and actively intervene to save the environment. This is why installing an innovative photovoltaic system that produces 92.7% of the electricity we use. We have also wanted to revolutionize the packaging of some of our products, from plastic to paper. And not only that, we also wanted the paper to be obtained from responsibly managed forests, as demonstrated by the FSC brand on our packaging.