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The Riccadonna bakery is a small family-run bakery, located in one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, Rango, a small town in Trentino, Italy.
The Riccadonna bakery has ancient traditions and a long history of over 100 years, in fact it is the only bakery in the valley that still uses the wood oven. We use only selected products of the highest quality with professional and trusted suppliers, focusing as much as possible on local products for unaltered alive flavors of our land.

 The Good Taste of Artisan Products 

Our commitment to the environment

The environment is our home and as such we must defend it at all costs.

Over to using the Wood Oven for cooking our products we have decided to act and intervene actively installing an innovative photovoltaic system that produces 95% of the electricity we use. Furthermore, the remainder is provided by a local electric consortium that uses only renewable sources.

Another important step we wanted to do was to revolutionize the packaging of some of our products from plastic to paper. And not only that, we also wanted the paper to be obtained from responsibly managed forests, as demonstrated by the FSC brand on our packaging.

Here Are Our Latest News


Here is the latest news!
CIOCCONOCI are the new Rango's cake at Nuts with the addition of delicious chocolate chips.

Delicious !!